Product Overview

Boat Dock Manufacturer

Aluminum Frame for St. Mary's College Dock

Welding joins on St. Mary's College Gangway

As an experienced boat dock manufacturer, Board Safe designs floating docks, gangway, piers, walkways and other custom dock components to customer specification. Board Safe takes great pride in manufacturing boat docks and boat dock components that are environmentally friendly, extremely safe, require minimal maintenance, retain their strong structural integrity, and fully comply with ADA regulations, when required.

Our goal is to identify, design  and produce the appropriate solution for your needs, working with you from the point of conception to the time of installation by your contractor.

The process begins with a conference call or site visit from one of our designers, who will determine the best project design with consideration for your site. If you already have a concept in mind or have developed plans, Board Safe can help evaluate the efficacy of those and/or assist in consolidating those concepts into a realistic set of specifications.

Next, our sales staff will help determine which custom dock components and materials will best serve the needs of those using your waterfront access. Upon your approval, your blueprints and specifications will be sent to the Board Safe manufacturing plant, where our highly trained staff will craft each component with precision. Finally, your entire project will be shipped to you, ready to be installed by the contractor of your choice.

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